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Good morning, my lovely followers and readers! YES, I am awake and alive before 3pm; crazy, isn’t it? =P

As you can probably tell, I haven’t wrote in a while .. it’s mostly due to my laziness; FML. But, I wanted to let you guys know that I’m now “official”; I have a .com! Check me out from here on out at

I haven’t wrote any posts yet, but I’ve transferred all of my posts there from here. Again, my laziness. I still need to find/buy the perfect theme, which is going to be hard since I’m still not working. I’d love to use the theme I’m using here right now (Greyzed), but they don’t offer it in .org’s free theme directory, although the designer’s website, eFrog, offers it for only $5 (and has some free themes AND icons! I downloaded all of the icons; they’re awesome) [but]. Plus it’s kinda dark and grungy for everyone’s taste .. I could probably get a better following if I did something .. not as “edgy” lol .. defintly would  love to get a few (of all of them since it’s only $400 for all) Genesis framework themes from Studio Press, but that requires a job first.

But how was I able to purchase the .com, you ask? Well, I actually WON! a FREE YEAR of hosting and domain thanks to Blogelina! They held a contest for their course “Everything You Need To Build Your Own Profitable Blog“; they gave 200 people FREE seats to the month long class (it’s $25 out of pocket) AND a YEAR of FREE hosting and a domain (the bill was only like, $20 [they used GoDaddy’s $1/month plan; I’m definitely moving to bluehost next year, though] even though it says on the class’s site it’s an $84 value)! AND I WON!!! FRICKEN AWESOME, YEAH?!

Speaking of the class, it’s actually pretty fricken informative. I AM NOT BEING PAID, ETC. OR HAVE NO AFFILIATION (BESIDES BEING A WINNER OF THE CONTEST AND A STUDENT OF THE CLASS) WITH BLOGELINA. I am just happy with what I am learning so far, and if you guys are interested in possibly doing more with your blog .. well, here ya go!

I really do hope y’all continue to follow and read! I’m not sure if you can follow my .com like you would this, but once I get a mailing list, RSS feed, some type of plug in, etc., I will come back on here and let you guys know just in case you can’t follow me yet. I was going to say “ooh! you can follow me on bloglovin’ right now!” but unfortuntaly I need an RSS feed for it in order to it to be put up on BL’. Sorry guys, I’ll get to it soon though! xoxo


Have a great weekend!!