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Before I begin, I want to say that I WANTED to start on this assignment a little before 8pm. I mean, it’s that time right now, but as my dad and I were discussing take out, his girlfriend called, and now’s he going to be chatting for god knows how long .. then we have to order, wait, and eat, and I want to do all of that BEFORE I sit down and write this .. damnit. So I hope he hurrys up, because it seems like this is kind of going to be like Monday’s assignment.


I like how I wrote that before I finished reading the whole assignment. One of the rules is not to worry about spelling, puncuation, grammar, etc. Fuck man! And i’ve already backspaced a few times on this, oops lol. I just don’t wanna look like a dumbass, especially with spellcheck. I will admit to you though, I really don’t lnow how to spell recieve .. so I always do the I before e, ohh well. I thin I’ll just look at my keyboard while I’ write this, it’ll be easier to mess up … not mess up messing up lol.

So besides all that, today I’m supposed to write about the 3 most imporatant sons in my life, and what they mean to me. Shit man, I barely even listen to music any .. now a days. isn’t that sad? I mean, I don’t have a car, so I can’t listen to the radio. And I barely talk to anyone so there’s that on people tellingme about new music. And I just don’t seek it out. So yeah. My Spotify p[layist is ~240 songs, and I don’t even have all the ones I want because I have a stupid iPhone, so I have to listen to music like that instead of illegally downloading usic through mp3 music downloader on my android =P.

But the first soong tha t came to mind was “I Remeber You” By Skid Row? Watch me be wrong and it’ll be by Guns N Roses .. I’m not supposed to Google it eaither, fuck. But I pick that because that’s one of Kyle¬†and I’s songs .. don’t ask me why, he just randomly said that one day, that it just reminded him of us. Uh, kay. So whenever I hear it I think of him. And my old life. And how i fucked up my life. And then turned in to a junkie. And now I’m here, no longer a junkie, but yet I’m not doing what I’m suppposed to do to see my son, who’ll be 8 on Sunday who’s having a bday party I can’t go to because of my craziness. But my dad gets to go top the part .. I hope he takes lots of pix!! But ya, what I’m required to do requires health insurance, and although I have pretty good insurance (Medicaid), I’m on a waiting list to get into a place and I just have to wait to get the help I nee d so I can see him again .. oh well.. on day. And it’ll be so worth it.

Speaking os soungs that remind me of Jay, ugh I mean Kyle¬†.. Fixxxer by Metallica. Now, this song reminds me our of relationship and just what happend. I cna yused to not even able ato listen to this song, but now I can. And it’s fun to sing along to. I guess time does heal all.

Ughm this is gonna be soo hard for yall to read! Remember live journal.? How they used to have “ljcuts”, and you’d have to click a link to read the whole thing? I want to kidna do that with this post .. or maybe make a ghost post? Basically, I want to put a readble version of this entry post after this horrible version of this post .. iuno. Remeber people, I’m only doing this because that’s what I’m supposed to do! Yeah, I do like an idiot for not really beingable to spell, and I DO know how rto spell its just sometiemes i have to backspace .. like rmember remember i CAN spell it it’s just sometimes my hands are goings to fast .. well my fingers.

I guess I need to pick a last song. I think I want to pick Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj. I have no totally reason , I guess I ‘m picking it becaus e that song came out in 2010, and that was just a pretty good year for me. I had a car (so I heard the song on the radio all the time), an awesome job, friends, and awesome guy (well for most oft the year, and h e was almost i mean awsome for the most part), .. that was the last year i was really truely happy before i started using heroin (spring 2011).

Alright, I was asked to write for 15 minutes, and as of know I wrote 18. Thank god, cos the whole “free rwriting ” .. damn I just can’t. Wleell, I can… it’s just the whole spelling and stuff thing! Ack! lol wtf is an ack, i knevr use that word.

So Let me know if you’d appreciate and edited and readable post. Actually, were you able to read this without have ing to look at something a million times lol? PS – the only thing I “edited” in this whole post was bolding my questions for you because I do that in every post.

I’m off to do what I do after my posts ..

I wasn’t supposed to , but I glanced at the assignemet again, an d it said that’ I’m supposed to commit to amount of time i’m supposed to well going to write it each day and that’s why they recommond each day. fuck man! i don’t want to commit for just 15 minutes, but let’s just say today i did. i want to commit to at least 30 minutes a day. that doesn’t sound to hard, and to be honest i probably would hace continues to write if i didn’t have to look like an idiot. and as of right now, i’ve been wirting for 24 minutes so 6 to go lol. plus i have to think of a title and tags still. so 30 minutes seems fine. go me!

actually i really only glanced at the assignment cos i had to because it was open on my screen and i had to open a new tab to get to wordpress =P

Oh! PS! i didn’t get to sit down to start writing this til 10 after 10. right after my dad decideed to order food, i mean right after my dad ordered food, he dsaid he was out of scotch, so i decided to volunteer to walk to the liqour store and get him some if he bought my a pack of smokes so he said okay. and the liaoqour store is only like, 8 blocks away. so i went up there and got his stuff then i wanlked back this way to ge t this smokes. i used the change to get $7 worth of scratch offs .. so i got 3 $1 ones and 2 $2 bingso. no wins on the $1 ones, but we onwon at least $2 each on the bingos, yay. it took about 30 minutes well a litle but more for me to walk but of course the video lol what? video! i’m dumb, see lol .. i mean FOOD was there. i got myself a margherita pizza and it was delicious .. delicioso as i liek to ssay .. procnounce dell lish e oh so … lol k done

PSS – i just googled who i remember you is by .. thank god i was right =D