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Hey everyone! Happy April! I’ve been around, but not WordPress, unfortunately. I feel like a dick for never writing, and when I do, I say I’m gonna start back up again, but never do. Ugh! If I had just followed through when I got my PC back .. but nooo, I decided I wanted to be lazy. But I still continued to do research and such on blogging and how to be successful in this and so on and so forth.

I really need to get back into the swing of things though, especially now. I say that because on Monday I received my very first VoxBox from Influenster, yay! Don’t know much about Influenster, VoxBoxes, and all that jazz? Well basically, Influenster is a website that you join and write reviews, ask questions, hook up your social media accounts, etc. Sometimes the send you VoxBoxes, which is basically stuff sent to you to review on your social media websites. The more of a following you have, and the better you do, the more products you’ll receive to review. Cool, eh? I think I explained it right =P and if you want to know more, or sign up! Just click here, please (it’s a my referral link). Or, you can check out my badge, will I’ll be posting sometime tonight. But ya, since I received this VoxBox, I feel like it’s an awesome time for me to hopefully start writing in here again, especially if I’m gonna be doing reviews for these guys! Oh, and also because I signed up for Writing 101, ha! I probably should have finished Blogging 101 first, but fuck it .. Blogging will come around again. And it’s still by The Daily Post, so it’ll be good. I just hope it’s not TOOOOO challenging. But maybe it’ll also help me learn how to write better (ha) .. as in not always the words “but”, “oh, and…”, etc.

But ya .. what’s been going on with me the past couple months? Psssh, not shit! It sucks! No luck in finding a job (although I’m not looking hard enough), and still no motivation to do anything.  Well .. I have a little more motivation than before, but still. I started taking my thyroid medication, but not everyday. Not sure if I explained this before, but I’m supposed to take it everyday “an hour before breakfast”. I’m kind of nocturnal, so I go to bed anywhere between 2-5am, and wake up between 1-4pm .. yeah, I sleep a long time. But when I wake up, I want to eat! I can’t wait. So I put an alarm on my phone which wakes me up at 9am telling me to take it .. but 3/4 of the time I just turn it off. And that 1/4 I do want to take it, 1/2 the time I don’t even have water by me, and I’m not beat for going downstairs to get some. But the other half I remember to bring water up. Oh, and speaking of not working .. I’ve been planning on going to a few temp agencies in the next week or two to update my resume (I’ve worked with all the ones I’m planning on going to). And April has always been a good month for me to find work. SOO, wish me luck. I definitely need it.Tired of being a bum on my couch .. and speaking of couch! I finally got a real bed! Apparently it came from my dad’s girlfriend’s sister’s house. It’s just a twin, wahh. But it works. It’s comfyish. I still can’t sleep on my stomach though due to my back issues which sucks because I like to, but when I do I wake up in SOO much pain and can’t move. But yeah, it also came with 2 little dressers and 2 end tables .. none match, but who cares. I need to clean up there, but again .. laziness. And my sister needs to help cos of the shit is her clothes .. I told her if it’s not put away by the time I get around to cleaning up and organizing up there, I’m stuffing it all into a closest . Which wouldn’t be too bad on her part, but she loves to whine. I just want it to look not like a mess. Especially since once I start working and paying rent, it’s legit going to be mine.

Hmm, what else is new? I made 2 vlogs lol. Check em out below. They suck though. I’m not talking about anything interesting (well, maybe. and it was interesting to me), the lighting isn’t great, etc. etc. And it was recording on the front/screen camera of an iPhone 4. I haven’t made anymore though cos I ended up dropping my phone in the toilet =X like, a month ago. Luckily it survived, but the sound doesn’t work on my phone anymore except the ringer when people call .. no texts, alerts, music, or videos. Blah. Plus my microphone was shit before, that’s why I’m kinda screaming in my videos. So I don’t know if it works at all now; I doubt it. I was hoping my phone did totally break though, cos then that’d mean I’d probably get a new phone. Which I can’t get even though my line is eligible for an upgrade because my dad doesn’t wanna renew my contract since I haven’t paid him for my line in over a year. But once I get a job and start paying rent and the bill I can get a new phone .. definitely you gonna get a Galaxy or a Note! Fuck an iPhone!

Well, I think that’s all I have to talk about tonight. Here’s my question for y’all .. What keeps you motivated to keep on blogging? Where do you come up ideas on what to blog about? Any tips, advice, etc. you’re willing to offer?

Thanks for reading .. I hope y’all stay tuned. I WILL be back, even if it’s just for my VoxBox reviews =P Night!

PS – You’ll learn more about this first VoxBox in one of my next posts.


Hey! Long time, no write! Sorry about that, guys. I finally got the computer back (hopefully for good) last Friday (I actually got it back because I told my dad I wouldn’t clean unless I had music, and I need the PC to listen), but I’ve just been kinda unmotivated. But here I am .. hopefully I have the motivation to get back up and running again! It’s almost March, and I still have to finish Blogging 101! But I guess I might as well “start over” on the 5 Year Challenge .. but when I say “start over”, I mean I’ll post what I had wrote for a few days in January, and then start off fresh on March 1. So let me get started .. but first, I want to end on a funny note .. I posted this on FB last night; the person I’m talking about is my dad (duh, of course!):

smh i just got bitched at because somehow bleach got on a washcloth .. possibly because my face soap is 10% benzyl peroxide which may lighten fabric, skin, hair, etc. and now because someone i live with refuses to use said washcloth because it looks “scummy” because it’s “discolored” aka has a bleach stain … lmfao how uptight can one be. and this is coming from the person who HAS to use either color safe bleach or regular bleach (depending on color of clothes) in their wash!!! so basically this person is saying that since the wash cloth is extra clean it is scummy. WRAP YOUR BRAIN AROUND THAT ONE GUYS!!

Stupid, right? Ugh! Oh, and before I go .. I FINALLY got around to saving the +1,500 pix/vid on my phone to the PC so I can delete them .. seriously ~75% of my phone’s space was that BS it was SO slow I couldn’t download apps, the updates, take pix/vid, etc. .. now that my phone is up to date, I can take pix/vid, and I finally have all the apps I need AND want again, yay! So, here’s an updated picture of me! I took this on Monday when I came home from an interview (I didn’t get the job .. yet). Yep, I finally got my hair cut! And I dyed my “bangs” Paul Mitchell Purple and Color Jamz Bubblehead Pink a few weeks ago. Caption: 2/15 Me looking cute with my matching hair/shirt combo thing tongue emoticon and OMGISH yes I’m wearing makeup AHHH.


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writing a blog .. what’s the difference between a personal blog and a journal??

obviously alot .. i’ve been wanting to journal for a long time now, and i do on and off. it started the first time i went to detox about two years ago exactly .. exactly because i remember watching the ball drop with a few fellow junkies in the common room of a popular nj psychiatric hospital. two minutes after, the techs made us go to sleep =( <~~ see, this is why i wanted to name this blog “ruminating thoughts”. actually, i wanted to name it something like “ruminating thoughts .. thoughts gone astray” but the double thoughts didn’t go well in my opinion so it’s just “thoughts gone astray” for now. ahh, and see most of this paragraph isn’t even about my answer to the question above! let’s see if i can answer it now ..

okay, i guess a blog is basically peoples opinions and facts and stuff about stuff .. but that’s kind of what a journal is too?! ugh, whatever. i’m just gonna say this is my journal blog thing .. i’m not journaling, i’m blogging (or vice versa) i journal in my blog .. yes/no? either way, i’m doing this more for myself than for others, and i’m doing it for fun, not for money (although it would be awesome to eventually become internet famous and make money!).

i feel like i’m not doing paragraphs right, but oh well cos #1 this is my blog and #2 my first post! unfortunately, i didn’t do very well in school, so i’m not good at the whole grammar thing (i can spell though =] and know the difference between you and to and etc.). anyways, why did i start this you may want to know? well, a few weeks ago i was screwing around on youtube and came across grav3yardgirl, who was doing a video called “DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK?!” i don’t remember what the product she tried was called (she’s done a whole bunch), but i’ve been watching her since then. she has madd different topics, such as hauls, follow me around this store, favorites of the month, paranormal (earlier videos, hence her name .. she doesn’t do them anymore =( ), regular vlogs, and much more. check her out! i kinda want to model my blog (and eventual vlog .. more about that later) after her channel .. like she’s really interactive, and that’s what i want to do with you guys .. maybe not on here as much as on my eventual vlog, but i promise that once i start getting fans that i want to talk about stuff you guys want me to talk about .. like i’ll blog/vlog about my day/week/life, and then you guys will comment and be like, tell us more about this and that! ask questions! i want to eventually be able to do tags and q&a’s and stuff like that .. maybe it’s because i don’t think i’m that creative enough to come up with any topics? so right now my plans are [hopefully] everyday to #1 one post about day (for therapeutic reasons; to vent and rant and rave) #2 one post (at least) from a monthly writing challenge. and then when i start vlogging i’ll probably talk about the same thing for a while, i don’t know, because sometimes it’s alot easier to talk than type, or listen than read, right?

while doing some “how to start a blog” research, one of the most reoccurring tips told me not to make make posts too long .. but didn’t specify what “too long” meant, which kind of sucks for me considering the facts that #1 the name of this blog (and what i wanted to name it and #2 i predict most of my posts will be “too long” .. but whatever because like i said, i want to interact with you guys, and i figure that as long as i gain and keep readers who like me and interact, that y’all (i feel like i’m the only person born and raised nj that says “y’all” instead of “you guys”) won’t mind my “too long” posts.

so, while i write my next and [probably] (<~~ those are called brackets, right? i need to figure out when it’s appropriate to use them instead of parenthesis .. and you know how like when you’re reading something, like an interview for example, and it’s like [word]? like does that mean the editor or whoever added a word that the interviewee didn’t day, or what? also, what does [sic] mean? yah, i know i can google all this .. but these are just my thoughts, guys!! although i more than appreciate ALL of your feedback =D) final entry of 2014 .. tell me a little more about yourself! how were your holidays; what did you do/get or where’d you go?! what kind of content do you want to see from me? what do you want to know about me? and PLEASE, promote yourself to your friends! i need all the support and love i can get =] also, please! any and all feedback about journaling/blogging/vlogging/this stuff! is GREATLY appreciated and wanted (needed) so if you like what you read already, or think i have potential .. HELP A SISTER OUT! you will be greatly rewarded by being credited and having a permanent link to any and/or all of your social media. THANK YOU!

you know what i just realized? i haven’t even made a wordpress account yet! what if thoughts gone astray is taken?! then what?! i guess i could always use blo0dchild since i use that for everything else, and it would make me easier to find .. but we’ll see!! and if thoughtsgoneastray IS available, maybe i’ll also make blo0dchild and direct it here. okay, see ya.

wait, i lied [again]! emojis for wordpress? like i just said, i haven’t even made an account yet so i really don’t know, but hopefully they have em! i love emojis, especially apple’s .. that’s one of only like 3 reasons why i like their products (well, my phone) but i’ll talk about that in a different post. anyways, if they don’t have them, i wonder if i can find a site with a bazillion of them that i can put into my posts so i don’t have to use generic old =] and stuff. alright, i’m serious this time .. i’m off to make an account, semi (barely) edit this (i’ll explain later), post, then promote! have a fun night!!!