Viewing Thoughts Gone Awry on the WP App

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Dear Diary...
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I just wanted to make a quick little post before I get “down and dirty” for tonight’s Writing 101 post.

Today is the first time I’ve viewed my blog on the app, and OMG! The title isn’t in the font “Impact”, it’s in like, Times New Roman! Why is it like that?? Hmm .. do you think I should bring this to WP’s attention? I guess maybe I should check on my phone’s Chrome and Safari browsers as well .. so I did, and they both are showing in the wrong font. So I guess that means when people are checking out my blog through their phone, they see this ugly font.

Ugh! Ahh well, it could be worse, right? And besides, once things start getting better here, I’ll have my own domain and move over to .org

I’m using the “Greyzed” theme, if anyone’s curious.


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