I have 5 hours left and I don’t know where the fuck to begin.

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Dear Diary...

I’m talking about today’s lesson for Blogging 101. I had a shitty night last night and went to bed around midnight, and literally didn’t wake up until 6pm; WHAT THE FUCK. I have no motivation to do anything right now, but maybe some coffee and some TV might give me the motivation that I need to #1 write out today’s lesson #2 write out my results for yesterday’s lesson, which didn’t require a post… I’ll explain more later. I promise. I just don’t feel like sitting in front of my computer right now. I wouldn’t mind sitting on the couch with my new tablet (the one my dad ordered after he returned the one I didn’t like), but I smashed it all up because fuck my dad. I’m not even going to tag or edit this post right now. My coffee is done and my DVR is +90% filled with South Park.

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